Marut Enterprises

Foundry Coke Supplier

The bulk of oven coke (sized about 40 to 150 millimetres) is used throughout the world in blast furnaces to make iron. Exceptionally large strong coke, known as foundry coke, is used in foundry cupolas to melt iron. The term 'Foundry coke' as it applies to the area of energy can be defined as ' This is a special coke that is used in furnaces to produce cast and ductile iron products. It is a source of heat and also helps maintain the required carbon content of the metal product. Foundry coke production requires lower temperatures and longer times than blast furnace coke.


We are a prominent Supplier of Foundry Coke that known for its high quality and low ash content. Our Foundry Coke can be availed in bulk quantities at affordable prices. 


Features :


  • Fine quality
  • High fixed carbon
  • Low ash content


Moisture 5% Max
Ash 12% Max
Fixed Carbon By Difference
Voltile Matter 1.00% Max
Sulphur 0.65% Max
Phosphorus 0.04% Max
CSR 63% Max
CRI 26% Max
M-40 7 % max